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Fun game!

I played this game for two hours yesterday with my friends. Excellent app! If you like taboo, youll like this game.

Great game!

Beautiful design, many different words and categories to choose from, fun for all ages... Just excellent overall! Would like to see ability for each team to make mulitple gos before switching like taboo in future releases!

Excellent! Does what it says.

This is great, have only just played by my self as I have no friends... Hehe! I am going to try it with real people this weekend. Wish there was a way to turn off the music so you could play your own.

Great game

The app store needs more group party games like this. Great job guys! Love it!

Current and fun!

Played this last night with friends and everybody loved it. There should be more portable "board" games like this. Great solid work!!

Lots of fun with friends

Four of us played today on a rainy afternoon, a glass of wine or two, and boy did we have a gas! Simple word game, but so much fan. Sure this type of party game gas been around for some time now in more traditional cards board games, but its about time it made its way on the iphone!! Now the game follows the party anywhere and anytime! Great price too compared to traditional board games! Looking forward to see future development of this app. Would love to have localised versions too (ie.: french). Cheers!

Best party game for iPhone

This is the coolest multi person party game for iPhone.

Love it

I love Taboo, me and my friends play it all the time so this is really awesome. Cant wait for more party games...

A lot of fun in a group

This game is a blast with a group of people especially popular at parties. It is easy to master and people of all ages can play.

Hours of Fun

This is a great version of CatchPhrase for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Ive spent a few hours with friends playing it so far, and weve really had a great time. There are two reasons I rated it 4/5, though. First, the word base (even when the category is set to "All") gets repeated after a few games are played. Second, there seems to be a bug in the last round of the game - the "Got It!" and "Oops" buttons dont work unless they are pressed several times in a row. This is bad when you get it right and the timer is still going, but even worse when you have to press "Oops" and it finally registers all the times youve pressed it after five or so, essentially losing your team the game. If these two problems are fixed, the game would be perfect. All-in-all, however, its an extremely enjoyable and entertaining game with a small group of friends! I cant wait to see more party-style games like this for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Thank you for this game!

My friends and I love Taboo and having this game on my phone is even better! We can whip it put an play around at the diner after a meal. No cards, no timer, no fuss. A couple little bugs, but I hear updates are on the way. 5 STAR!!


We bought this game when we were at the beach a few days ago and have not stopped playing since! My daughter (14 years old) and I play this in the car and at the doctors office, whenever we have a few minutes...tons of fun and great for all ages. Great price for hours of fun, highly recommend! Great variety of questions, really worth the price!

Best Multiplayer game for the iphone

If you are looking for a super fun multiplayer game then word party is a solid investment. Me and my girlfriend and two other friends played it for two hours straight when we bought it for super cheap. The only downside i saw was the timing/scoring in the game was a bit complicated at first but once you understand how you are scored it so so fun

Excellent party game!

This is really a great game. I played it with nine friends and we had a blast. Didnt want to stop playing! At first I felt nervous about passing my iPhone around, but the way the timer works in Word Party is much less frantic than the "hot potato" timer in Catch Phrase. So no one was throwing the phone between turns, and the pacing was much more casual (and conducive to conversation during the game). The only things I could ask for are some minor bug fixes, and more words in the library!

Great multiperson game

Me and three friends were at a starbucks earlier tonight.. And right when we thought it was time to head home since we didnt have other plans for the night, I thought we gave the lite version ofthe game a try.. It was such an instantaneously fun rowdy game that I bought the full version right away so we could have more words to play with.. We played until the store was about to close, apparently losing track of time. I hope that word packs continue to update as the game is played to stay refreshing. Only complaint is app crashed while trying to quit... Screen froze and had to shut the phone off.

Fun party game!

This game is tons of fun for a group of people! A few constructive suggestions: 1) option to add 1 to 6 teams 2) (different mode) ability to guess as many words in a designated amount of time 3) make the "oops penalty" less points as it appears to put that team at a significantly larger disadvantage Those few things would make it even better! Thank you for this game! One of my favorites! :D


Endless fun with family & friends. Great for parties and family events!


This game is fabulous. If you are looking for a great time at your next party, look no farther. A winner!

I play this TOO much!!!

I love this game. Im sure a larger word list would be easy to add. I play it so much that I run across the same words. Thanks for an AWESOME game!

cute game

Update...I really enjoy all the new categories theyve released, although I always want more! Everyone Ive ever played this game with has really enjoyed playing it. Money well spent. Great for a low key night with friends, and fabulous as a family activity....even my 70 year old aunt gets in on the action! Highly recommended! Thanks!!

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