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Fantastic game but I'd love an update

I've had this game for years and play it almost every weekend. It's great and I'd love to see an update. Would buy all over again. Worth every cent.

Okay anywhere huge hit

I have played this game and coveted almost 15 people to its awesomeness. Like taboo and always with hilarious results

Always a hit at parties

Worth the money

Cool but needs more

Needs more guess words. It becomes Redundant. Also the after playing the game for a while, the time begins to speed up. It also counts the time when the game pauses to begin the other teams turn. It would never do that before.

Requires IOS 5 which means I'm uninstalling.

I'd have liked to play more but forcing an upgrade to IOS 5 is a dealbreaker.

Buy this App!!!

This game rocks! I'm a catch phrase junkie and I love that I can pull my iPhone out at a party and entertain a large group of people. Never gets old! Buy this if you like to have fun!!

Update the words please

Gets boring after a while needs update

Best Taboo crossover

I have owned this game for almost a year now and have yet to find another Taboo-like game that's better than this one. The layout, sounds and graphics help add to the fun of this game. The only two complaints I have is 1)it's a little too easy compared to Taboo. You need more restricted words. Actually, a difficulty setting would be awesome. Either 4, 6 or 8 restricted words. And 2)there hasn't been an update with new words for a while. Overall, this still has to be one of the best word games available for the iPhone.

Fun and entertaining

A great game that brings up those comical word phrases I love it. Please add new words every so often :) Me and my friends bust this out during class when we are done with our work and have a blast.


I really thought this was a diff kinda game ...... My heart is jus broken ... Ima keep it tho... 

Must get!!!

Great game. similar games cost 30$ so get word party for 10 times less!! Hours a fun. Defently worth just 3$ similar games cost 30$ but way less fun then word party. When you update 3.0 please also add more words.

Kinda lame…

Needs more words. The colors are boring. Can only play 1 round at a time, then it freezes up. Seriously needs an update. NOT worth your $3. Don't waste your money.


I bought this a while back and it's one of my favorite apps. Just needs a larger word bank. Instead of keeping time as a winning system, points might be a better solution. Maybe have an option for it. The time should always be on there to keep track of it but not as a winning system.


Hours of fun...no really!!!...hours!!!

Great game

My family and I love this game it has so many words. And what a great price. They send out more words too, 3-4 times sense I bought the game.


It always freezes after the first round. I don't know why


One of the best applications I own. You'll never be left needing something to do at a party-- This game causes hours of laughter and fun!!!

Lots of fun!

Great for car or just hanging out

Has provided HOURS of fun!!!

This game is by far the best app I've bought. Most bang for my buck It's like buying an entire board game (Taboo, Catch Phrase) for a couple bucks and having it with you all the time to break out in any situation. If you like to play board games like those... you will love Word Party. I wish there were other games like this!!!!

Pretty good

I love this game but sometimes gets pretty annoying. Very addictive though. Get it. :)

I'm in love with this app:)

If you lovee Taboo, then you'll love Word Party. This app is a buttload of fun with a group of people, one of my fav apps of all time! Thanks!

Hours of entertainment

I like the challenge presented in this game more than Catch Phrase. I would greatly enjoy some customizability added to the game such as selecting how many teams, and the ability to add custom words. Both would make this great game even more awesome! Thanks for the hours of entertainment!

cute game

Update...I really enjoy all the new categories they've released, although I always want more! Everyone I've ever played this game with has really enjoyed playing it. Money well spent. Great for a low key night with friends, and fabulous as a family activity....even my 70 year old aunt gets in on the action! Highly recommended! Thanks!!

Great game

Great game.. Actually like it better than the real catch phrase! Update with more words needed. I am getting the same words now. Five stars once it is updated!!

Amazing game, not-so-amazing side effects

I love the game. I bought it last night. Whenever I open the game and hit the home screen while it's loading, however, my home screen freezes. I must then reset it. After that, after reloading it, and then putting it to "sleep" for a while, all of my apps will not work except for the apps that came with my iPod. If I delete and re download one app, the rest will work again. Is this an iPod defect or a game issue?!


This is a five star party game. Really glad that they're always adding new word packs. Lots of fun! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Fun at the restaurant

We love this game! We break it out at the restaurants while we are waiting for the food. My grade school aged child up to my high schooler have fun with it. The graphic for set up and game play is great and visually appealing.

I Love It.

Fantastic layout and FUN! I especially like that you can choose from catagories. This app never crashed on me or have I yet find any difficulties with it. I do have a SUGGESTION *I think an "ADD A WORD" feature would make more fun and more personal. It would be great if you can have the custom word with a catagory to put it in. Maybe custom catagories the user can create! * I think you should really consider this idea to this great game. Reviewers: if you agree this would be a good idea, please say so in your review! Love it!


Had a fabulous time playing this game with family at Thanksgiving- didn't run out of words yet, but that would be disappointing if I did start running into the same words. Please add more soon because I know I'll be wanting to play this great game with friends and family again and again!

Sweetest app so far

We we all sitting around after thanksgiving looking for games to play. We had a bunch of real board games to play but they all got boring really quickly. Someone said I wish we had Taboo. So I serached taboo in the app store and this is what came up. We played til 2 in the morning. This game brings nothin but fun to a party. A must have for any iPhone user. U can be 10 or 70 years old and still have fun. EVERYBODY can play and love this game!!!

One of the most played games on my iPhone

Don't pass up this deal!

I play this TOO much!!!

I love this game. I'm sure a larger word list would be easy to add. I play it so much that I run across the same words. Thanks for an AWESOME game!


This game is fabulous. If you are looking for a great time at your next party, look no farther. A winner!


Endless fun with family & friends. Great for parties and family events!

Fun party game!

This game is tons of fun for a group of people! A few constructive suggestions: 1) option to add 1 to 6 teams 2) (different mode) ability to guess as many words in a designated amount of time 3) make the "oops penalty" less points as it appears to put that team at a significantly larger disadvantage Those few things would make it even better! Thank you for this game! One of my favorites! :D

Great multiperson game

Me and three friends were at a starbucks earlier tonight.. And right when we thought it was time to head home since we didn't have other plans for the night, I thought we gave the lite version ofthe game a try.. It was such an instantaneously fun rowdy game that I bought the full version right away so we could have more words to play with.. We played until the store was about to close, apparently losing track of time. I hope that word packs continue to update as the game is played to stay refreshing. Only complaint is app crashed while trying to quit... Screen froze and had to shut the phone off.

Excellent party game!

This is really a great game. I played it with nine friends and we had a blast. Didn't want to stop playing! At first I felt nervous about passing my iPhone around, but the way the timer works in Word Party is much less frantic than the "hot potato" timer in Catch Phrase. So no one was throwing the phone between turns, and the pacing was much more casual (and conducive to conversation during the game). The only things I could ask for are some minor bug fixes, and more words in the library!

Best Multiplayer game for the iphone

If you are looking for a super fun multiplayer game then word party is a solid investment. Me and my girlfriend and two other friends played it for two hours straight when we bought it for super cheap. The only downside i saw was the timing/scoring in the game was a bit complicated at first but once you understand how you are scored it so so fun


We bought this game when we were at the beach a few days ago and have not stopped playing since! My daughter (14 years old) and I play this in the car and at the doctors office, whenever we have a few minutes...tons of fun and great for all ages. Great price for hours of fun, highly recommend! Great variety of questions, really worth the price!

Thank you for this game!

My friends and I love Taboo and having this game on my phone is even better! We can whip it put an play around at the diner after a meal. No cards, no timer, no fuss. A couple little bugs, but I hear updates are on the way. 5 STAR!!

Hours of Fun

This is a great version of CatchPhrase for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I've spent a few hours with friends playing it so far, and we've really had a great time. There are two reasons I rated it 4/5, though. First, the word base (even when the category is set to "All") gets repeated after a few games are played. Second, there seems to be a bug in the last round of the game - the "Got It!" and "Oops" buttons don't work unless they are pressed several times in a row. This is bad when you get it right and the timer is still going, but even worse when you have to press "Oops" and it finally registers all the times you've pressed it after five or so, essentially losing your team the game. If these two problems are fixed, the game would be perfect. All-in-all, however, it's an extremely enjoyable and entertaining game with a small group of friends! I can't wait to see more party-style games like this for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

A lot of fun in a group

This game is a blast with a group of people especially popular at parties. It is easy to master and people of all ages can play.

Love it

I love Taboo, me and my friends play it all the time so this is really awesome. Can't wait for more party games...

Best party game for iPhone

This is the coolest multi person party game for iPhone.

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