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Word Party app for iPhone and iPad

4.3 ( 1623 ratings )
Games Entertainment Trivia Word
Developer: GingerMonkey Games
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.9, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Aug 2008
App size: 3.79 Mb

"The ultimate word game for any party situation."

Do you enjoy the game Password, Taboo, or Catch Phrase? Then you will love Word Party, the FIRST (August release) multi-player, multi-team, word party game for your iPhone and iPod Touch! You only need one device to get the party started. Have a ball playing with all of your friends at the same time. This game is great fun for all ages, parties, and even long car rides. Why play Sudoku by yourself, when you can throw a Word Party!

Get your team to say the secret word and pass it on. Whoever gets their team to guess all the words in the shortest amount of time wins. For example, get your team to say “Monkey” without using the words “Banana”, “Ape”, “Primate”, or “Trees”. Two modes change the difficulty to allow for beginner and advanced play.

Put a party in your pocket, with Word Party!

Try Word Party for free with our Lite version! It features a subset of the words available in the full version, but the same great game.

Pros and cons of Word Party app for iPhone and iPad

Word Party app good for

I played this game for two hours yesterday with my friends. Excellent app! If you like taboo, youll like this game.
Beautiful design, many different words and categories to choose from, fun for all ages... Just excellent overall! Would like to see ability for each team to make mulitple gos before switching like taboo in future releases!
This is great, have only just played by my self as I have no friends... Hehe! I am going to try it with real people this weekend. Wish there was a way to turn off the music so you could play your own.
The app store needs more group party games like this. Great job guys! Love it!
Four of us played today on a rainy afternoon, a glass of wine or two, and boy did we have a gas! Simple word game, but so much fan. Sure this type of party game gas been around for some time now in more traditional cards board games, but its about time it made its way on the iphone!! Now the game follows the party anywhere and anytime! Great price too compared to traditional board games! Looking forward to see future development of this app. Would love to have localised versions too (ie.: french). Cheers!
I love Taboo, me and my friends play it all the time so this is really awesome. Cant wait for more party games...

Some bad moments

Great game.. Actually like it better than the real catch phrase! Update with more words needed. I am getting the same words now. Five stars once it is updated!!
Needs more words. The colors are boring. Can only play 1 round at a time, then it freezes up. Seriously needs an update. NOT worth your $3. Dont waste your money.
I really thought this was a diff kinda game ...... My heart is jus broken ... Ima keep it tho... 
Id have liked to play more but forcing an upgrade to IOS 5 is a dealbreaker.
Needs more guess words. It becomes Redundant. Also the after playing the game for a while, the time begins to speed up. It also counts the time when the game pauses to begin the other teams turn. It would never do that before.